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Upgrade React Native

Do you stuggle to upgrade to a new React Native versions? Most React Native developers stuggle because they do not understand why they need to make the changes. For each version, I will explain what has changed, what you need to do to upgrade, and why you need to make the changes.

Struggling to upgrade to the latest version of React Native?

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Upgrade to React Native 0.59

React Native 0.59 introduces many exciting features, most of all Hooks. This article explains what‘s new, how to upgrade, and what it all means.

Upgrade to React Native 0.58

Learn how to upgrade to React Native 0.58 and why you need to make certain changes to your project.

Upgrade to React Native 0.57

Upgrading to React Native 0.57 is easy when you know what the changes to your project mean.

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