React NativeThe Native Bits

The native bits you need to know to build & release great React Native apps

You know the basics of building a React Native app. Maybe you‘ve been using React on the web for a while. You‘re pretty comfortable with the Javascript side of building a React Native app, but you keep hitting issues which you don‘t fully understand. Build issues. Code signing issue. App Store submission rejections.

You need to understand The Native Bits.

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Understanding the Native Build Systems

Coming soon

This course is designed to give an insight into how the native build systems for Android and iOS platforms work. In this course you will learn about how the build systems work and how to configure them correctly for your app. These insights will help you understand what is going on when you build a React Native app and fix issues when they come up.

Upgrade React Native


A lot of developers struggle with upgrading React Native because they do not understand why certain changes are needed. As weel as guiding you through the steps required, this course will explain why the changes are needed so you can understand React Native better.

Meet Matt Oakes

Matt Oakes is a freelance mobile app developer from the UK. He began developing apps on the native Android platform in Java before also taking up iOS development in Objective-C. He picked up React Native when he went freelance as the tool which fit the needs of his clients best, however, he kept developing on both native platforms alongside this where they fit his clients needs better.